Retired old people are best to bring their husbands around

Retired old people are best to bring their husbands around

Lao Zhang just retired and went home. Without the sense of loss of work, he always felt that he was holding a nameless fire in his heart. He was not standing or arrogant. He usually liked to eat food from his wife. Now he doesn’t feel salty or feel light.I still want to swear a few words with my wife.

  After retirement, the elderly, because of leaving the job, the experience of less and less experience, coupled with the gradual decline of the body, it is inevitable that there will be frustration, loss of sense, loneliness and other emotions.

In addition, after retirement, there will be more leisure time, and it will inevitably lead to nothing.

To be troubled by the dispatch, they will involuntarily quarrel.

In fact, there is no one who is right or wrong here. It is important to learn to regulate emotions and manage your own mood.

Compared with the busy work, after retirement, the increase in leisure time is actually a good time to rebuild the relationship between husband and wife and relive the good times.

In life, two people have more understanding and support. They often praise and affirm each other. Visiting relatives and friends, learning fresh skills, exercising together, participating in common interests and hobbies can enhance their feelings and enrich their lives.

  In addition, after retirement, time and economy are loose, it is a good time to realize the dream of tourism.

Two people sit down, each person writes the place they want to go, sorts from top to bottom, then puts the wishes of the two people together to see where there are two people who want to go, draw up the order and time,Step by step to realize the travel dream.

In the journey, it will inevitably encounter all kinds of troubles, support each other, encourage, and not only enhance the feelings, but also enrich the experience of students.