[Drink honey water at night]_Honey water_Dinner_Benefits

[Drink honey water at night]_Honey water_Dinner_Benefits

Everyone knows that honey has great benefits. It can reduce blood circulation, reduce fatigue, increase resistance, etc. Different people have different benefits from drinking honey water. Many people now like to drink honey water before going to bed at night.Can improve sleep quality.

First, the benefits of drinking honey at night is generally about an hour before going to bed, because honey has a laxative effect and regulates the body’s function, which can make gastric acid secretion normal, which can promote food digestion.

Honey is also rich in magnesium, which has a sedative effect on the central nervous system of the brain, can regulate psychology, eliminate nervousness, reduce stress, can help to quickly enter dreamland, thereby improving sleep quality.

Second, who is not suitable for drinking honey at night For people with abnormal blood lipids, it is not suitable for drinking honey water at night. The cells are dehydrated when sleeping, and the blood is thick and at the same time, supplemented with honey water can not be a good substitute for blood viscosity.Consistency is not conducive to the prevention of accidents of the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular.

Therefore, the group number of people with dyslipidemia is appropriate to replace plain water.

Third, the best time to drink honey water Drink a glass of honey water before meals can inhibit gastric acid. When gastric acid secretion is too much or too little, honey can regulate the effect and make gastric acid secretion normal.

Drinking honey water one and a half hours before a meal has the best effect, and can effectively reduce the irritation of gastric mucosa by food.

4. Drinking honey water after meals to help digestion. Drinking a glass of honey water after meals for 1-2 hours is also very good, because honey has a regulating effect on the body. When full, the digestive function of the stomach will decline, and the large intestine.Creeping becomes weak.

Honey can enhance the peristaltic ability of the human intestine, can change the time of defecation, and is conducive to eliminating the accumulation of food after a large meal.

It is also good to drink a glass of honey water after drinking. The fructose in honey has a very good hangover effect.