[Does the stool turn red when I eat watermelon?]

[Does the stool turn red when I eat watermelon?]

Sometimes we find that our stools are colored, and sometimes when we eat some green, high-fiber vegetables, the stools are colored. This is normal, so will the stool become red when eating watermelon?

For many people, if they do not chew enough when eating watermelon, or if the watermelon they eat is taken out of the refrigerator, they will have indigestion and they may turn their stools into red.

Normally, the stool that is pulled out should be yellow. Because watermelon is cold, if you eat too much watermelon or chew insufficiently, it will hurt the spleen and stomach, and the stomach can’t fully digest and absorb, it may pull out red stool.


When eating iced watermelon, the coefficient of gastrointestinal damage is more prone to red stool.

If there is no severe diarrhea or abdominal pain, special treatment is generally not needed. After you stop eating watermelon, your stool will return to normal.

If the diarrhea is very serious, it may be caused by bacterial or bacterial infections, which may cause gastroenteritis. Seek medical treatment as soon as possible to prevent diarrhea and body collapse.

When diarrhea is severe, you can add some saline solution yourself to prevent internal resonance from disturbing dehydration.

How to eat watermelon to avoid stool red 1 Watermelon is a cold fruit. People with gastrointestinal diseases are prone to have stool red. Healthy people should also pay attention to the following points to avoid indigestion stool red.

2 Do n’t eat too much at one time 3 Eat too many watermelons One is to hurt the spleen and stomach, and it is difficult for the body to digest and absorb so many watermelons for a short time, so that stool redness is easy to appear.

It is recommended not to eat more than 500 grams of watermelon at a time, and children should not exceed 200 grams at a time.

4 Do not eat iced watermelon 5 Iced watermelon can cause dysfunction in the body, stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis and accelerate the excretion of feces in the body, which is relatively easy to cause indigestion and red stool.

6 Do not eat on an empty stomach. 7 Watermelon is a fruit that clears away the heat and heat in summer. Due to coldness, eating on an empty stomach will cause great gastrointestinal damage, which may easily lead to spleen dampness, bloating and diarrhea.